Break Away is an interesting mixture of the classic topdown Shoot 'Em Up and Stealth Action genres.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. In Break Away, you
will be playing as Rick Kickbottom, who has decided to embark into a
dangerous building which has long been occupied, and is now swarming
with undeads, in search of a precious being to him, Ben Neglecton.

  • Zombies
  • Folk'n Zombies
  • Motherfolk'n zombies
  • Brainzzzzzzz RAWR
  • Okay seriously, this game has like, you know, like, dynamic vision and shit like that. Basically you can't see shit behind corners or on blind spots and stuff. Holy fuzzballs right?
  • You can play this game right on your browser I guess?
  • I have no idea. Just try it for yourself. I'm bad at this kind of thing okay :|
  • Also, fuckloads of Metal Gear Solid influences and homage.


WASD: Movement

Spacebar: Toggle Stealth Move

Shift: Run

1-8 number: switch weapon

Left Mouse: Action

Right Mouse: Throw Grenade

ZXC: use items

O: go fullscreen (ingame only)


Download 63 MB
Download 55 MB
Download 66 MB
Download 65 MB
Download 71 MB


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